Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If u know what i mean

I dont like to pollute my own language with $^@$#ing stuffs
So, i use English

I have a confession to make
I have the worst period here in this University
I have this terrible feelings of me
After the end of four year wasted-out period

I started not so modest
And i thought i can move it to upper level
I was in many times paused and have some thought of how-not-right the path i was
But all that were no more than a bunch of thoughts
"What a thought with no action"
I don't move it, so here i am, rotten

But then i found a picture of this in my old folder

I snapped that
I admit

I came to realize
EVEN SHIT GOT ITS GOODNESS, it can grow some grass on it
So, whatever shit i am, i think i can grow some grass too
& i'm looking for it from now on

What a motivation =)
Thanks to the bullshit

Hopefully this is the worst post of this blog
When i grow up, i'll write something better


k.e.r.i. said...

logik jugak.

.::aDa::. said...

selamat maju jaya. x lama. 3 minggu je lagi.

Che Ku said...

tq ada
slamat maju jaya jugak

maHamdan said...

talk about tahilembu, ha ha. thank dude

mohd said...

ada rajin tgk ayam makan tahi orang. kotor ah.